Vocational Service

The Town Board and Superintendent Bill Carpenter began their search in early January to name Pittsford’s Citizens of the Year for 2010. This award, presented on behalf of the Town Board of Pittsford, recognizes the significant contribution, hard work, and generosity that improve the quality of life in the Pittsford community. Mr. Carpenter announced to the Town Board that and he will honor the Pittsford Rotary Club as the 2010 Pittsford Citizen of the Year.

For more than 70 years, the Pittsford Rotary Club has been an active service club in their area. The international organization of business and professional leaders unite together to provide humanitarian service and build a better community through service initiatives.  A unit of the world’s first service club founded in 1905, the Pittsford club has a longstanding tradition of meaningful service to their community. Rotarians, as members are called, work tirelessly on different projects and events. You can find Rotarians helping out at their Town special events, running events such as the annual Fishing Derby or Charity Stripe Free Throw Contest, supporting the Pittsford Food Cupboard, or raising funds that benefit Pittsford area organizations.

The Pittsford Rotary Club, though, doesn’t limit their service above self to their community. Rotarians extend their servitude and generosity throughout the Rochester area and the world. Around Rochester, you can find the Pittsford Rotary Club contributing to organizations such as the Camp Haccamo program at the Sunshine Campus, the Ronald McDonald House, and Daystar. Internationally, the Pittsford Rotary Club participates in a number of service initiatives, such as the High School Youth Exchange program, both inbound and outbound, and Ambassadorial Scholar program.

The Pittsford club proudly participates in the Rotary’s Dictionary Project. Students in Pittsford elementary schools and around the world benefit from the generosity of the Rotary donating dictionaries to them to use in their learning. Pittsford Rotary distributes these dictionaries across their school district, as well as to students in Kenya and Haiti.

When looking at the qualifications for the “Citizens of the Year” award, Pittsford Rotary fulfills them to every extent. The award calls for residents who make a significant contribution to their Pittsford community, exactly what the Pittsford Rotary Club does. When we have a group of people working together for the betterment of the community, anything is possible.

The Town Board presented the award on Tuesday, May 3, 2010 at 7PM in the Fisher Meeting Room at the Pittsford Community Library.

Have you considered joining the local Rotary Club? Pittsford’s Club meets Wednesday mornings at 7AM in the Pittsford Community Library. Join us for a meeting for
information on becoming a member of this service organization.