Ken Hann and Michelle Tascione worked their shifts last May 28.  Jan Goldman, Jerry Elman, Luke Stewart and Pete Crooker worked their shifts a week and a half earlier.  The house that they are building is at 629 Brown Street.

Groundbreaking was on March 27. Foundation work began on April 9 and by April 18, footers and drain tile had been completed by volunteers from the eight H.I.P. partners: Christ Episcopal Church (CE), First Presbyterian Church of Pittsford (FP), Islamic Center of Rochester (IC), Mount Olivet Baptist Church (MO), Pittsford Rotary (PR), Saint Louis Catholic Church (SL), Saint Paul’s Lutheran Church (SP) and Temple Sinai of Penfield (TS).

In addition to our members volunteering their time to build this home, Pittsford Rotary Club Foundation pledges $3,000 every 3 years towards building materials.  The next project will be in 2016 (whew....) that'll give us plenty of time to recover before the next groundbreaking....


Images (l-r):
Pete's assignment was to assist in putting up this facade.
Pete (r) and another volunteer hammer away at their project.
Tool shed built off-site by the Eagle Scouts.
Sign erected on April 18.



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