The Eastern Cities Fellowship Dinner at the Rochester Riverside Convention Center, Clubs were given the opportunity to highlight what they have done for the RI Foundation. This year's keynote speaker was RI Foundation Chair John Kenny.

The Eastern Cities Fellowship Dinner is a Rotary tradition, annually attracting Rotarians from across the Northeastern United States and Canada. Proudly hosted each year by the Rochester Rotary Club, hundreds of Rotarians gather in Rochester, New York to share in what is a cornerstone of the Rotary tradition…fellowship.  In addition to the many clubs represented, current and past district governors and Rotary International officers attend the dinner each year to welcome the sitting RI President. The Rochester Rotary Club started the Eastern Cities Fellowship Dinner in 1921, and over the years it has evolved from a local event in the Greater Rochester Community to an international fellowship event.

Attendees from our Club were Rotarians Grace Soong, Taylor Soong, Kathleen and Gaven Hurley, Pete Crooker, former Pittsford Rotarian Raymond E. Cornelius, Kevin O'Grady, Sharon Garofanello and Pat Mallery.  Interact students were Katie Gold, Emilie Uffman, Erika DeAngelis, Kristi Lin and exchange student Emma Gardner.


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