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Winter is just an excuse to have fun at Mendon Ponds Winterfest!

A family skis by Stewart Lodge, perfecting their skills and cheering for each other. This is their 6-year old daughter's second time on cross-country skis, and she loves how in control she feels.

That's exactly the scene Winterfest organizer Ken Hann was hoping to create when he helped established the event thirteen years ago.

"It's an enjoyment of the outdoors for families who like being outside," said Hann. "The idea is to get people excited about winter activities that are educational and fun."

About 5,000 people attend the free event while learning about and trying out winter activities such as ice fishing, snowshoeing and ice boating. While Winterfest is geared towards families, we have put together an enjoyable day for everyone no matter how cold or warm the weather. Most events do not depend upon snow cover.

Refreshments will be available at the Nature Center , Stewart Lodge and East Lodge with deliveries made to the competition sites. Most venues are handicapped accessible. Some activities may not be appropriate for people with certain physical disabilities. It is fair to say, however, that there is something for everyone.

Mendon Ponds Park is located in the southeastern portion of Monroe County just south of the Thruway. You can enter the park from either Route 65 (Clover Street) or Pittsford- Mendon Center Road . Volunteers will be available to hand out programs and to answer your questions.